About us


Technics & Science Research Foundation (TSRF) is a non-governmental organization established in Istanbul in 1990.

The TSRF operates in a progressive, democratic and pro-human rights line in its activities and with total commitment to spread moral values globally.

Objectives &

The founding objective of the TSRF is to be instrumental in establishing a worldwide atmosphere of peace, tranquility and love.

To achieve this goal, a great effort is made to find solutions to the social and political ills not only in Turkey, but also of the whole world. Special emphasis is given to the issues in the Middle East and Central Asia through projects focused on their settlement.

Our work consists of scientific activities that aim at raising mass awareness on the underlying causes of social and political conflicts.

We attach great importance to invalidate the underlying ideologies of today’s foremost problem, which is terrorism.

Through cultural and intellectual activities such as conferences, seminars, panels and exhibitions, we strive to reach every human being regardless of their nationality, language, religion or race.

The inspiration behind our activities is the 300-book corpus of the Honorary President of our Foundation Mr. ADNAN OKTAR, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya.

Mr. Oktar, whose books have been translated into 76 languages, is one of the prominent and most influential opinion leaders in the Turkish - Islamic world.

A total of 800 websites based on his works with 45 million monthly visitors from 167 countries obviously demonstrates this fact.

Nearly 1,000 overseas conferences and seminars have been organized in numerous locations, including some of the world’s best known universities, from Australia to Canada and from Great Britain to Malaysia.

Some of these intellectual efforts were carried out in respectable academic institutions such as the universities of London, Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Oslo, Tokyo, Tel Aviv and so on.

A total of over 2500 scientific events were organized in a number of cities and towns all over Turkey.

We address presidents, ministers, members of the parliament and the Turkish Armed Forces as well as civilian authorities, politicians, writers, NGO leaders and intellectuals from a variety of different positions and views in the national conferences and events we organize.

The TSRF constitutes a common ground for circles that wish the progress and development of Turkey and to make our country a symbol of peace and stability in our part of the world. Despite its activities in Turkey, the TSRF makes an international impact on academics, clergy, opinion leaders abroad and members of foreign missions in the country.

We live in a world full of misery, cruelty, pain, injustice, and brutal acts of terrorism… The TSRF considers that the solution lies in building a new ethics. A universal ethics, which will save the world from the evils of false ideas such as materialism, racism, fascism, and bigotry…

Therefore the TSRF is leading a global effort for this intellectual and ethical re-awakening.

The Impact of the Books of Harun Yahya

The work of the TSRF is inspired by the books of its Honorary President, Mr. Adnan Oktar, a prominent Muslim intellectual of our times, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya. Mr. Oktar is an idealist, who has dedicated his life to serving Islam. Since the 1980s he has penned more than 300 books on various topics. Most of these books have now been translated into numerous languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Bosnian, Malay, Indonesian, Urdu and Polish.

Harun Yahya enjoys a wide readership from all nations, languages and religions, and his articles are published in the leading newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. Some of the countries where his articles reach a great readership are the United States, Israel, Jordan, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Pakistan, Bahrain, Indonesia and Spain.


The hallmarks of Islam are compassion, love, forgiveness and peace. Harun Yahya and the TSRF community believe that this understanding will help the world recover from the ills of the materialistic ideologies of the modern age. And they will continue to spread the truth of faith to the people of the 21st century.