Science Research Foundation President Mr. Tarkan Yavas stated that the theory of evolution and its social sciences version Social Darwinism have inflicted many calamities on mankind in the last 150 years, while Foundation for Conservation of National Values President Mr. Altug Mustak Berker said that the scientifically refuted evolutionary theory is still being propagated as if it were a scientific fact in an attempt to mislead the public.

A symposium was jointly organized last weekend by the Science Research Foundation and the Foundation for the Conservation of National Values as a two-day event. The "Collapse of Darwinism and the Evidence for Creation" Symposium, delivered at Istanbul's Uskudar District Municipality Cultural Center, attracted expert speakers.

The opening of the symposium on Saturday the 15th took place with a multi-visual display called "Altruism among Living Things," followed by a speech titled "Evolution versus True Science" by Professor Turan Guven from the Biology Department of the Gazi University, Faculty of Education. After this talk, a panel titled "The Fact of Creation" was held with the participation of speakers Dr. Omer Ilicali and Dr. Cihat Gundogdu, and researcher Mr. Erkan Seyhan.

On Sunday the 16th the symposium commenced with the multi-visual show "Extortion by Evolutionists." The following session included a talk by Professor Bekir Karliga from the Marmara University, Faculty of Divinity, Philosophy Department titled "Social Darwinism." The symposium concluded with the panel "The Fact of Creation - II" by the medical doctors Ilicali and Gundogdu, and Mr. Seyhan.

Politicians, businessmen, and representatives of non-governmental organizations and foreign governments attended the symposium.

Among the invited government members and political party leaders who could not attend the meeting but who sent messages of support were Dr. Abdullatif Sener, Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan, Minister of State, Dr. Huseyin Celik, Minister of Education, Atila Koc, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Kadir Topbas, Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul, Mehmet Elkatmis, Head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Atilla Manas, Member of Parliament for Sanliurfa, Erkan Mumcu, Chairman of the Motherland Party, Recai Kutan, Acting Chairman of the Felicity Party, Mete Gundogan, Deputy Chairman of the Felicity Party and Erol Kaya, Mayor of Pendik.

Saturday the 15th of October

Professor Dr. Turan Guven (Faculty Member, Biology Department of the Gazi University, Faculty of Education)

I would like to thank the worthy membership of the Science Research Foundation. They have achieved what no university has yet managed to achieve. They have made themselves a vocation in disseminating to everyone that the theory of evolution is not valid. This theory has indeed scientifically collapsed. It has no scientific integrity. Science is not developed upon dogmas. And if it is, then it is not science. Evolution is a dogma. It is defended with a blind stubbornness. It is not the job of science to persuade people to adopt a particular idea. Its job is to display what exists. It lays out the evidence. What the evidence today points to is nothing other than that everything on Earth is created. No organism forms by chance. Scientists cannot base their explanations on chance. The structure of a single cell of our bodies is like a complex factory. How can these factories, which can only be seen under the most technologically advanced microscopes, have formed by chance? No sane person can argue this.

Panel – Fact of Creation I

Dr. Omer Ilicali

When we analyze the roots of life we are faced with a colossal complexity. It is a proven fact that no chance can form the building blocks of life, proteins. The reason why there is still an ongoing effort to uphold the theory of evolution is not to put forward a scientific fact. The scientific evidence points in the other direction. Their insistence on this argument is solely ideological.

Dr. Cihat Gundogdu

If species had evolved from each other, as evolutionists argue, this would have been proven by fossil records. That is to say that we would have numerous records of transitional form species. However, despite the countless excavations and a vast number of fossil findings since Darwin, not even a single transitional form fossil has ever been found. Evolutionists have resorted to fraud in various forms to cover up this gap.


Sunday the 16th of October

Professor Bekir Karliga (Faculty Member - Marmara University, Faculty of Divinity, Philosophy Department)

Determinism and positivism went out of global circulation 80 years ago. Regrettably, however, it still has adherents in Turkey. The idea that everything has a material cause came to an end after Einstein and Heisenberg. Therefore, fascism and other totalitarian regimes that were predominant in that era have been weakened. After the 1950s an element of humility entered the scientific world. The understanding that not everything can be explained away by science has now been adopted and divine revelation has again become the principle source. The belief that everything can be explained by coincidences has collapsed. Today we need a common form of ethics in the world. What will guide tomorrow’s world are the values of faith, belief and religion. Humanity has taken its anti- religious approach to the limits with Social Darwinism. But it has been seen that this approach shakes societies and states to their foundations. The 21st century will be the age of belief. Those who maintain otherwise will be destroyed. A new world order that can say halt to people who have the mentality “I am powerful, therefore I can do as I want” will be born. We have an important status in the Islamic world. We, the Turkish world, the Islamic world, have to struggle against those who want to start a war between civilizations.

Panel – Fact of Creation II

Dr. Cihat Gundogdu

All evolutionists have are some illustrations or models which they seek to use as evidence for their theory. This is outright fraud. You cannot determine the form of soft tissues from fossil findings. As they had no transitional forms to support evolution, evolutionists resorted to deceit, such as the finding of a fossil tooth in Nebraska in 1922. Based on this single tooth, drawings were produced which were portrayed as the missing link between man and ape. From single tooth illustrations even showing the missing link’s family members were produced. But further excavations showed that this tooth actually belonged to a wild pig.

Dr. Omer Ilicali

It is possible to find fraud in many areas of science. But in evolution, it’s a different story, since it has a systematic and organized approach. As they need to fabricate evidence, they have to do this and to propagandize it to mislead society. As Hitler’s minister of propaganda said, if you repeat a great lie loudly enough, people will believe it. The invalidity of the theory of evolution can be better understood when the fact of creation is explained.

Mr. Erkan Seyhan (Industrial engineer and design specialist)

Despite their claims, evolutionists cannot put forward any proof. Using straightforward reasoning, let us consider if organisms can appear as the result of chance. It is important if complex structures can appear as a result of coincidence. Can a sand castle with doors and windows form as the result of waves constantly hitting the beach? In the same way that this is impossible, so such a complex structure as an organism cannot form as the result of chance, either. Anybody claiming otherwise is either joking, or has a mental problem, or is deliberately playing games to mislead people. One cannot think of any other alternative. We have to be careful of the latest “Intelligent Design” misrepresentation. Those who defend this position do not say that God created everything. It is attributing some form of intelligence or power to some obscure being such as Mother Nature which is meaningless.
























































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