We live in a world full of misery, cruelty, pain, injustice, and brutal acts of terrorism...

The SRF thinks that the solution lies in building a new ethics. A universal ethics which will save the world from the evils of such false ideas as; materialism, racism, fascism, and bigotry...

Therefore the SRF is leading a global effort for this intellectual and ethical re-awakening.

Founded in 1990, the SRF has organised more than 1500 public conferences throughout Turkey.

Eminent academicians from various American research centers such as the Institute of Creation Research (California) participated in the international conferences organized by our foundation in our country and they had the opportunity to get detailed information about the nature and activities of our foundation.

Hundreds of thousands of people have attended SRF conferences and have been enlightened by its message.

 DR. JOHN MORRIS, President of ICR, The Institute for Creation Research

"Let me recommend these young men to you, without any reservation... The men of the Science and Research Foundation are very bright individuals who have the ability to have an impact in Turkey. They are well connected politically and with the media... The conference itself was very well organized, I was impressed by their success in all the details. I expect great things from them..."


 Dr. DUANE GISH, Vice President of ICR

"The seminars we attended here were of tremendous success and this is a demonstration of the abilities and determination of the SRF. We have been very pleased and surprised by the successful effort and marvelous hospitality and friendship we saw in here.... The SRF include highly educated, highly intelligent men of Turkey and they have become very very dear friends of us... This is a marvelous effort in Turkey against atheism and naturalism... We certainly urge our colleges in America to cooperate with the SRF, this marvelous Foundation, in anyway possible..."


 Dr. CARL FLIERMANS, Professor of Microbiology at Indiana University

"The SRF has some very unique ways to utilize the media both in TV and print... They have made significant inroads in the cause of creation... I think anyone in the creation movement should cooperate with the SRF in Turkey, if they have an opportunity..."



 EDWARD BOUDREAUX, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at New Orleans Tulane University

"This is a tremendous group, doing a marvelous job... I am totally amazed and impressed by what I have seen in Turkey and by the achievements the SRF had. I would advice any creation scientists in the world to support this organization in every way they can..."


 MICHAEL GIROUARD, Doctor of Biology

"Their methods are excellent... They are very dedicated, well organized and they have done tremendous work. I am so impressed with the work they do and the first class quality of every single thing they present... I met so brilliant people in the SRF with a marvelous hospitality and friendship. We became real friends, friends for life..."



 DAVID MENTON, Professor of Anatomy at Washington University

"I was very impressed by the level of dedication and commitment I have seen here in Turkey in the name of creationism. The young men who make of this organization are men who are blessed with intellectual talent and have the means to use this talent in a way very special... It has also been a very important experience to see that the concept of creation, the very basis of the belief in God, is also very important for the Muslim believers... I would very seriously recommend creation scientists all over the world, not only to cooperate with the SRF, but also witness some very unique methods used for scientific creationism..."

 The Impact of the Books of Harun Yahya

The work of the SRF is inspired by the books of its honorary president, Mr. Adnan Oktar, a prominent Muslim intellectual of our times, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya. Mr. Oktar is an idealist, who has dedicated his life to serving his faith. Since the 1980s he has penned more than 250 books on various subjects. Most of these books have now been translated into numerous languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Albanian, Bosnian, Malay, Indonesian, Urdu and Polish.

Harun Yahya enjoys a wide readership from all nations, languages and religions, and his articles are published in many magazines throughout the world. Some of the countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Australia, Portugal, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bahrain.

 Comments from Opposing Views

The impact that Harun Yahya's studies and the SRF have made has also been acknowledged by representatives of opposing views. Harun Yahya was the subject of interest in an article titled "Burning Darwin" in the magazine New Scientist, a well-known Darwinist periodical. The magazine noted that criticism of Darwinism and the case for creation was spreading all over the world, and that Turkey was one of the centers of this movement. New Scientist wrote, "Harun Yahya is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world."

The magazine Science, the leading periodical of the scientific community, has also emphasized the impact and sophistication of the works of Harun Yahya and the SRF. In the article titled "Creationism Takes Root Where Europe, Asia Meet", the commentary read:

Experts call it (the SRF) the best organized and financed in the Islamic world... They've also swamped the country with sophisticated books such as The Evolution Deceit and The Dark Face of Darwinism (both published under the pseudonym Harun Yahya), which some scientists complain have become more influential than textbooks in certain parts of the country..

.. BAV (SRF) does not appear to be a bastion for gray beards or backward zealots. "The BAV members I met were mainly young professionals who described themselves as Islamic moderates who are trying to harmonize the Koran with science," says science historian Ronald Numbers of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, author of The Creationists. He's one of the few U.S. experts who has interviewed the group's "honorary president," Adnan Oktar, who according to BAV writes the Yahya books--many of which have been translated into English.

Experts say BAV has developed one of the world's strongest antievolution movements outside of North America and has been making inroads in other Muslim nations.


The hallmarks of Islam are compassion, love, tolerance and peace. Harun Yahya and the SRF community believe that this understanding will help the world recover from the ills of the materialistic ideologies of the modern age. And they will continue to spread the truth of faith to the people of the 21st century.
















































Visit the Web site of HARUN YAHYA
Harun Yahya, renowned Turkish author, and a prominent Muslim intellectual, is the Honorary President of the SRF.
All his books as well as other materials based on his works are freely available in the website.