Science Research Foundation President Mr. Tarkan Yavas stated that the theory of evolution and its social sciences version Social Darwinism have inflicted many calamities on mankind in the last 150 years, while Foundation for Conservation of National Values President Mr. Altug Mustak Berker said that the scientifically refuted evolutionary theory is still being propagated as if it were a scientific fact in an attempt to mislead the public.

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Terrorism does not differentiate between men in terms of race, religion or language, violating the tranquility of nations and prevent them from elevating their levels of prosperity. Against this destruction, it is time that sincere Muslims, Christians and Jews came together around the principles of peace, brotherhood, love and solidarity. Against those pushing forward "the clash of civilizations" it is essential that people with conscience and a sense of responsibility co-operate to ensure a "civilization alliance". Within this context, a conference was arranged by the Science Research Foundation and Preserving National Values Foundation with the attendance of specialists and leading representatives of the three divine religions.

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The conference entitled 'Religions Denounce Terrorism' has been successfully accomplished in Istanbul on June 23, 2003. About 200 invited guests, all prominent members of various religious communities and organizations, from a wide range of countries like Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, The United States, Italy or France were present at the meeting. Several Turkish MP's and politicians were also among the audience to set out their views and send a joint message. By stressing the twisted nature of the concept of “terror in the name of religion,” the SRF aims both to give an effective reply to a radical and aggressive idea which threatens our world and also, by stressing the shared values of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to contribute to understanding, tolerance, dialogue and cooperation between the members of these three divine religions.

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In 1998, the Science Research Foundation initiated a strategy of international and national conferences on the theory of evolution. The reason of this policy was mostly related with some official plans to include Darwinism as a scientific fact in the education system. In order to prevent such a harmful and wrong decision, the Foundation decided to display how modern science in fact disproves the evolutionary scenario of origins.

In the same year, three international conferences were held in Istanbul and Ankara, the Capital of Turkey, on the issue of evolution. Thanks to the firm and sincere support of ICR, outstanding scientists like Drs. Duane Gish, John Morris, Kenneth Cumming, Carl Fliermans, David Menton, Edward Boudreaux and Michael Girouard attended these conferences, in addition to some Turkish scientists. The foundation is aiming to organize new conferences with many other creationists or "intelligent design" scientists from all over the world.

 I. Conference - Istanbul:

The first international conference titled "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation" was held in 4 April 1998 in Istanbul. Two of the three speakers were from ICR; Drs. Duane Gish and Kenneth Cumming. The auditorium included about a thousand people, and many more were outside the hall, watching the conference from large screens.

Dr. Duane Gish

Dr. Kenneth Cumming, the Dean of the Graduate School of ICR. at the stage.

 II. Conference - Istanbul:

The second international conference titled "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation - II" was held in 5 July1998 in Istanbul. This time, six American creation scientists attended the conference. The same auditorium again had a great audience.

The speakers (from left): Ibrahim Tuncer (from SRF), Dr. John Morris, Dr. Edward Boudreaux, Dr. Duane Gish, Altug Berker (from SRF), Dr. Carl Fliermans, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Edip Keha and Dr. Michael Girouard

Altug Berker, the spokesman for SRF with Professor Carl Fliermans


 III. Conference - Ankara:

The third international conference titled "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation - III was held in 12 July1998 in Ankara, the Capital of Turkey. Some members of the Parliament were among the audience and many more, including two political party leaders sent telegrams congratulating the meeting. More than 2500 people came to listen to the speakers, some of them failed to do so because the auditorium could not cover them all.

In the auditorium of the Sheraton Hotel, four creation scientists spoke about evolution. Above, from the left; Ibrahim Tuncer, Dr. Edward Boudreaux, Dr. Duane Gish, Altug Berker, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Cevat Babuna.

The big crowd in the auditorium of the Ankara Sheraton Hotel



Besides the international conferences, the Science Research Foundation has, since 1998, organized more than 1500 national conferences all around Turkey. The interest shown to the conferences by the audiences has been great.

In the conferences, evolution theory was scientifically cross-examined for the first time in Turkey. For the last 150 years, the evolution has been presented as the only truth to explain the origin of human beings and other living things and this has been imposed on people by different means of media and also through school education. Now with the SRF conferences, it has been revealed to the Turkish society that the theory of evolution is a dogma devoid of any scientific evidence. Moreover, it has been revealed that the existence of all living creatures and the universe apparently indicates a clear sign of creation.

The conference organised in Bursa has created great interest among the scientific circles of the region
Izmir and Antalya, two major cities which are located on Aegean and Mediterranean cost of Turkey, have witnessed an important science event.

In the seminars, the SRF speakers noted that no fossil evidence has been found on behalf of evolution as transitional forms. Instead, million years old fossils indicate that the living things still existing today used to exist exactly in the same form millions of years ago, which proves that there has been no evolutionary process. The speakers also emphasized the design in living systems, as an evidence for the creation of God and the impossibility of life to come into existence as a result of coincidences.

Another important point stressed in these conferences was that the evolution theory is primarily an ideological dogma rather than a scientific theory. Since science itself refutes the theory, the only basis and reason why it is still on the agenda is its link with the materialist philosophy. The evolution theory served as a tool to conceal the existence and creation of God.

The SRF conferences covered all parts of Turkey. Almost every weekend, two conferences take place in major conference halls of that week's host cities.

Since the year 2000, the SRF speakers started to attend conferences in foreign countries like US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia or Singapore. The foundation aims to convey its message to every part of the world, therefore plans to continue its conference series in the new millennium, both in Turkey and worldwide.

Istanbul Conference

Yozgat Conference

Bolu Conference

Denizli Conference

Balikesir Conference

Canakkale Conference

Rize Conference

Zonguldak Conference














































































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