Along with its conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other activities, the SRF has contributed to the production and publishing of several documentary films, websites and magazines. The issues covered in these productions have been; democracy, tolerance, social problems, science, evidence for creation, refutation of materialism and a modern interpretation of Islam. Supported voluntarily by some SRF members, these products have been-and are still being-influential in Turkey and worldwide.



The Collapse of Evolution
Various branches of science developed since the formulation of Darwinism have demonstrated that this theory is nothing but an imaginary scenario. This documentary examines this scientific collapse of Darwinism in three chapters:
1) The Origin of Life
2) Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution
3) The Fossil Record
Duration: 62 minutes
The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
This documentary presents an aspect of the theory of evolution that has so far remained hidden.
It unveils the ideological links between Darwinism and the totalitarian ideologies like fascism and communism. You will see the fruits of Darwinism in the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin or Mao.
Duration: 58 minutes
The Miracle in the Cell

In the one and a half centuries that have passed since Darwin's day, giant steps have been taken in science and technology. Scientists discovered the structure of the cell. They saw with surprise that the cell has a system so complex as to have been unimaginable in Darwin's time. This great documentary reveals this design in the cell with sophisticated computer graphics.
Duration: 45 minutes

The Fact of Creation
When we examine the world of living beings, we encounter very amazing examples of "technology". On the body of a tiny insect or on the surface of a plant are mind-boggling systems designed with great precision. All of these show that there is a perfect "design" in living beings. It is impossible for this design to be the product of "chance" as Darwin's theory of evolution maintains. It is evident that these living beings are brought into being by a Creator Who has power over the entire nature.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Architects in Nature
Honey bees, which make perfect hexagonal hives; beavers, which construct dams suited to fine engineering calculations; termites, which, although blind, build complex skyscrapers; weaver birds; paper wasps, which make multi-storied apartment blocks from paper; spiders, masters of , and thousands of other master architects in nature.
In this film, you will watch these amazing architects in nature feeling wonder at the characteristics God has inspired in these creatures.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Secret Beyond Matter

Human beings are in contact with the universe only through their five senses. No one can reach the real "external world" by going beyond these senses. So, how can we know that this world is not different from what we perceive it to be?
This film invites you to ponder on this important question. When you watch this film, you will see how mistaken the materialist philosophy is when it denies God by assuming that matter is absolute.
This film is based on the book "Timelessness and the Reality of Fate" by Harun Yahya.
Duration: 25 minutes

The Splendour in the Seas

Fish concealing themselves with wonderful methods of camouflage.
False eyes on fishes' fins which astound their enemies.
Intelligent prawns which use their fists against their enemies.
Or electric fish which offer serious difficulty for Darwin's theory.
This film opens to you the door of the underwater world.
Once again, you will be amazed at God's art of creation.
Duration: 45 minutes

The Miracles of the Qur'an
The unique style of the Qur’an, which was revealed 14 centuries ago, and the superior wisdom it represents are definite proof that it is the word of Allah.
Additionally, the Qur’an has many miraculous aspects which prove that it is sent by Allah. One of them is that some scientific facts, which we have only been able to discover by the technology of the 20th century, were stated in the Qur’an 1400 years ago.
These facts which could not have been known at the time of the Qur’an’s revelation once again show to the man of today that the Qur’an is the word of Allah.
Duration: 65 minutes
The Creation of the Universe

With the verification of the Big Bang theory, which maintained that the universe was brought into being with a big explosion, the concept of 'eternal matter' that constituted the basis of the materialist philosophy is thrown into the trash-heap of history.
In this film, you will see how modern astronomy and physics imply a fact that materialists are unwilling to accept, that is, the existence of a Creator.
Duration: 25 minutes

These films are produced in several languages and broadcast on many TV channels in a wide range of countries like the US, Britain, ex-Soviet republics, Malasia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Bosnia or Albania. They are also available in video stores, and can be ordered online through the internet.



Islam Denounces Terrorism

Islam Denounces anti-Semitism

Creation of The Universe




Renaissance that is published on the intellectual line represented by Science Research Foundation is a magazine that has carried important subjects to the society's agenda. Issues like certain important problems of Turkey, scientific developments, views on scientific philosophy, and environmentalism have been subjects on which articles were published and theseperiodicals have been sent to prominent figures of our country free of charge.

Science Research Magazine

Another publication in the line of Science Research Foundation has been the Science Research Magazine. In this periodical, that is also published as a supplement to the newspaper Ortadogu (Middle East) and prepared by contributions of members of the body of the foundation, articles on developments on sciences like biology and astronomy, their effects on faith and philosophy and research on various historical subjects are published.

























































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