The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation Conference Series III

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation Conference Series II
July 5, 1998
National Seminars | GAZIANTEP, Turkey
August 1, 1998

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation Conference Series III


President of ICR, The Institute for Creation Research

Let me recommend these young men to you, without any reservation… The men of the Technics & Science and Research Foundation are very bright individuals who have the ability to have an impact in Turkey. They are well connected politically and with the media… The conference itself was very well organized, I was impressed by their success in all the details. I expect great things from them…


Vice President of ICR

The seminars we attended here were of tremendous success and this is a demonstration of the abilities and determination of the TSRF. We have been very pleased and surprised by the successful effort and marvelous hospitality and friendship we saw in here…. The TSRF include highly educated, highly intelligent men of Turkey and they have become very very dear friends of us… This is a marvelous effort in Turkey against atheism and naturalism… We certainly urge our colleges in America to cooperate with the TSRF, this marvelous Foundation, in anyway possible…


Professor of Microbiology at Indiana University

The TSRF has some very unique ways to utilize the media both in TV and print… They have made significant inroads in the cause of Creation… I think anyone in the Creation movement should cooperate with the TSRF in Turkey, if they have an opportunity…


Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at New Orleans Tulane University

This is a tremendous group, doing a marvelous job… I am totally amazed and impressed by what I have seen in Turkey and by the achievements the TSRF had. I would advice any Creation scientists in the world to support this organization in every way they can…


Doctor of Biology

Their methods are excellent… They are very dedicated, well organized and they have done tremendous work. I am so impressed with the work they do and the first class quality of every single thing they present… I met so brilliant people in the SRF with a marvelous hospitality and friendship. We became real friends, friends for life…


Professor of Anatomy at Washington University

I was very impressed by the level of dedication and commitment I have seen here in Turkey in the name of Creationism. The young men who make of this organization are men who are blessed with intellectual talent and have the means to use this talent in a way very special… It has also been a very important experience to see that the concept of Creation, the very basis of the belief in God, is also very important for the Muslim believers… I would very seriously recommend Creation scientists all over the world, not only to cooperate with the SRF, but also witness some very unique methods used for scientific Creationism…

In 1998, the Technics & Science Research Foundation initiated a strategy of international and national conferences on the invalidity of the theory of evolution. The reason of this policy was mostly related with some official plans to include Darwinism as a scientific fact in the education system. In order to prevent such a harmful and wrong decision, the TSRF decided to demonstrate with scientific conferences how modern science in fact disproves the evolutionary scenario of origins.

In the same year, three international conferences were held in Istanbul and Ankara, the Capital of Turkey, on the issue of evolution. Thanks to the firm and sincere support of ICR, outstanding scientists like Drs. Duane Gish, John Morris, Kenneth Cumming, Carl Fliermans, David Menton, Edward Boudreaux and Michael Girouard attended these conferences, in addition to some Turkish scientists. The foundation is aiming to organize new conferences with many other creationists or “intelligent design” scientists from all over the world.

III. Conference – Ankara:

The third international conference titled “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution: The Truth of Creation – III” was held in 12 July1998 in Ankara, the Capital of Turkey. Some members of the Parliament were among the audience and many more, including two political party leaders sent telegrams congratulating the meeting. More than 2500 people came to listen to the speakers, some of them failed to do so because the auditorium could not cover them all.

In the auditorium of the Sheraton Hotel, four Creation scientists spoke about evolution. Above, from the left; Ibrahim Tuncer, Dr. Edward Boudreaux, Dr. Duane Gish, Altug Berker, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Cevat Babuna.

The big crowd in the auditorium of the Ankara Sheraton Hotel