The Real Origin, The Solution of Terrorism and Alliance of Civilizations Conference

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July 15, 2005
The Collapse of Darwinism and The Evidence for Creation Symposium
October 15, 2005

The Real Origin, The Solution of Terrorism and Alliance of Civilizations Conference

Religious figures from different countries, delegates from consulates and embassies of foreign countries, esteemed academicians from Turkish universities, members of the Turkish Parliament, journal corporation concessionaires, columnists, retired Turkish Army generals, bureaucrats, businessmen attended the conference
Arrangers: Technics & Science Research Foundation (TSRF) and
Preserving National Values Foundation (PNVP) as partners
Date: 22 September 2005
Venue: Sepetciler Palace, Istanbul-Turkey

Terrorism does not differentiate between men in terms of race, religion or language, violating the tranquility of nations and prevent them from elevating their levels of prosperity. Against this destruction, it is time that sincere Muslims, Christians and Jews came together around the principles of peace, brotherhood, love and solidarity. Against those pushing forward “the clash of civilizations” it is essential that people with conscience and a sense of responsibility co-operate to ensure an “alliance of civilizations”.

Within this context, a conference was arranged by the Technics & Science Research Foundation and Preserving National Values Foundation with the attendance of specialists and leading representatives of the three divine religions.

The conference commenced with a concert by the Janissary Band and then a member of the TSRF, Ibrahim Tuncer, gave an inaugural speech. A documentary film was then screened.

Religious figures from different countries, delegates from consulates and embassies of foreign countries, esteemed academics from Turkish universities, members of the Turkish Parliament, journal corporation concessionaires, columnists, retired Turkish Army generals, bureaucrats, businessmen and numerous representatives of nongovernmental organizations attended the conference. Before the speeches, messages from individuals who had been invited but who were unable to participate were read to the guests. Summaries of the addresses given are presented below, and the conference concluded subsequent to the plaque-awarding ceremony.

Some individuals who were unable to participate sent messages:

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Prime Minister of Turkey)
Jaap De Hoop Scheffer (NATO Secretary-General)
Kofi Annan (UN Secretary-General)
Pervez Musharraf (President of Pakistan)
King Abdullah II (King of Jordan)
King Mohammed VI (King of Morocco)
Prince Charles Philip Arthur George (Prince of Wales)
Anders Fogh Rasmussen ( Prime Minister of Denmark)
Gerhard Schroeder (German Chancellor)
Jan Peter Balkanande (Prime Minister of the Netherlands)
Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero (Prime Minister of Spain)
Joscha Fisher (Foreign Minister of Germany)
Charles Clarke (Secretary of State for the UK Home Office)
Jose Antonio Alonso (Minister of Interior of Spain)
Lopez Aguilar (Minister of Justice of Spain)
Robert S. Mueller (The Director of the FBI)
John Ashcroft (Former Attorney General of the USA)
F.H. Otholf (Head of Anti-Terror Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry
of the Netherlands)
Billy Graham (Leading Preacher of World Evangelists)
Desmond Tutu (Arcbishop of the South African Anglican Church)
Ignace Moussa Daoud (Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church)
Pier Luigi Celata (Arcbishop, Secretary of Interreligious Dialogue)
Jack Straw (UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs)
Lord Falconer Of Thoroton (UK Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs)
Abdullatif Sener (Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey)
Atilla Koc (Minister of Culture of Turkey)
Ali Babacan (Minister of State of Turkey)
Osman Pepe (Minister of Forestery and Environment of Turkey)
Binali Yildirim (Minister of Transport)
Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan (The Chairman of Felicity Party and The Former Chairman of Refah Party)
Rifat Hisarciklioglu (The Chairman of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges
of Turkey)
Muhsin Yazicioglu (The Chairman of the Great Unity Party)
Recai Kutan (The Vicegerent Chairman of the Felicity Party)
Erkan Mumcu (The Chairman of the MotherLand Party)
Omar Metwally (Egyptian Ambassador to Turkey)
Dr. Tamer Gazioglu (Ambassador of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to Turkey)
Kadir Topbas (Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)
Mehmet Elkatmis (Turkish Parliamentarian, Justice and Development Partyt)
Mehdi Sungur (Retired Turkish Army General)

Some of the participants:

Fikret Kasapoglu (Deputy Governer of Istanbul)
Hurrem Aksoy (Deputy governer of Istanbul)
Dundar Gultekin (Deputy governer of Istanbul)
Nevzat Er (Mayor of Eminonu Municipality)
Saim Mergenov (Kazakhstan Consulate)
Said Ikramov (Uzbek Consulate)
Muhiddin Rustemi (Macedonian Consul)
Ali Mekati (Head Undersecretary of the Algerian Embassy)
Valeri Totev (Bulgarian Consul)
Igor Burmistrov (Commerce Attache of the Russian Consulate)
Gunay Efendiyave (Azerbaijan Vice-Consul)
Ord. Prof. Dr. Reha Oguz Turkkan
Isa Karatas (Press agent of Turkish Protestan Churches)
Cumhur Evcil (Retired Turkish Army General)
Orhan Ates (Retired Turkish Army General)
Neset Ikiz ((Retired Turkish Army General)
Saban Gulbahar (Chairman of Eurasia One Foundation)
Samim Uygun (President of Confidence Movement)
Ali Eren (Vakit Newspaper Columnist)
Suheyl Cobanoglu (Retired Colonel)
Omer Faruk Basaran (Eurasian Industrialists and Bussinessmen’s Association)
Prof. Dr. Cemal Anadol (Researcher-Author)
Prof. Dr. Omer Aksu (Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University
Prof. Dr. Ismet Giritli (Turkiye Newspaper Columnist)
Nefi Demirci (Head of Turkmeneli Association)
Abdullah Akosman (Consessionaire of Once Vatan Newspaper)
Hamza Akbulut (Head of Spreading Enligthment Society)
Suat Gun (Once Vatan Newspaper Columnist)
Rahim Er (Turkiye Newspaper Columnist)
Huseyin Ozturk Vakit Newspaper Columnist)
Hamit Gokturk (Secretery-General of East Turkistan National Center )
Mauro Pesce (Representative of Focalarini Movement)
Sami Ozey (Vakit Newspaper Columnist)
Nazile Abbasli (Azerbaijani Journalist-Author)
Mevlut Ozcan (Vakit Newspaper Columnist)

Summaries of Speeches

TARKAN YAVAS (President, Technics & Science and Research Foundation)

The solution to terrorism, which fills the world with blood, lies in an alliance of civilizations. People from different religions, different nations have come together at this meeting, shared their opinions and agreed on common values. If this elite gathering can do this, then this fine example should be a model for the entire world. Such an alliance will be effective on a global scale. We have such concepts of unity and tolerance within ourselves; it is not impossible to ensure such a synergy once again. What do we have to do to achieve this again? We should stand together, keep this subject always on the agenda and above all be in contact with each other at all times. The main theme of peace and tranquility is to soften the hearts and to eradicate the impulse to conflict. Unity and alliance of religions is the only solution capable of rescuing humanity. The only means of delivering mankind lies in an alliance and unity of religions. Cooperation between countries, religions and respect for each other will help ensure peace in the world.

KAYRAT NAZARBAYEV (Head of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee)

I greet sincerely you all on behalf of Kazakh Muslims. I thank the foundation of Harun Yahya. The most important factor that unites us here is that we all believe in one God. In the Qur’an, the names of 28 prophets are mentioned, and that is why tolerance of Muslims has been stated in the Qur’an in a very clear way. No religion commands massacre and violence. In Islam, killing one person is like killing all people. In Islam, the concept of jihad is portrayed as defending oneself, and jihad is also a struggle that a person carries on against his/herself. Lack of knowledge and education is one major cause of terrorism. One should be afraid of a person who is not afraid of God, and terrorists are all unbelievers. Our common enemy is Satan and the followers of Satan. Today the world needs cooperation and fraternity among religions. All global events take place under the control of God. For this reason we all should fulfill our duties. I wish to thank the foundation of Harun Yahya. I understand that they have held 200 conferences, published 300 books and made many other studies. The studies of this foundation are very important works for Muslims.

RAVIL GAYNUDDIN (Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council)

In the last decade much was said about how the ascendant forces should join together against terrorism. All powers should come together against ethical degeneration. Anyone who encourages terrorism commits a crime against God. This shows that they are not frightened of God at all. Islam enjoins peace, and in one of the verse of the Qur’an we are told, “All of you unite in peace”. All religions denounce terrorism. Our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) orders us to “make peace and feed him who is hungry”. The objective of terrorism is political, and it is being used all around the world. Terrorism cannot be the basis of religion. Right now, our most important duty is to engage in new cooperation. A sincere alliance of civilizations is currently the most important issue facing us. A return to morality and moral values and mankind’s efforts to understand the truth represent only the salvation for mankind.

PROF. DR. NEVZAT YALCINTAS (Istanbul Member of Parliament, Second President of the Europe Security and Cooperation Organization)

I congratulate the directors of the Foundation, because Istanbul is a global city and terrorism is a global issue, so it is most appropriate to discuss the subject in Istanbul. Violence can only exist due to lack of morality. The main cause of terrorism is lack of moral values. Can any person who loves God and is afraid of Him do such a thing? The solution lies in morality, mercy, love, and tolerance. In our era, we have made the mistake of equating terrorism with religion.

BEHNAM AZAD (Iranian Istanbul Consulate-General Cultural Attaché)

This conference has been organized to explore the idea of living in peace while we are living through a very dangerous and delicate period. Today global cultures need a medium of dialogue more than ever before. The cause of fighting and conflict is ignorance. The Qur’an advises unity in the form of an alliance of civilizations. We should build such an alliance among civilizations on this basis to make a world that is based on justice and freedom.

PROF. DR. BEKIR KARLIAGA (M. U. Faculty of Theology, Head of Philosophy and Religion Department)

Civilizations do not clash, they are like a common table for cultural exchanges. It is very important that Turkey was selected as a part of the effort to construct an alliance of civilizations. Because we had experience of sheltering more than 20 different ethnic groups and more than 20 religions. Turkey is very significant for both the EU and a world that is globalizing, and for the Annan project. We have to make our voice heard as loud as we can to build an alliance among civilizations.

ALEXANDR LAKSHIN (Russian Chief Rabbinate Foreign Affairs Coordinator)

This conference has been organized at the right time and when it is sorely needed. Regrettably, as we have seen lately, some people are trying to put an end to human lives, which are the greatest assets given by God. In doing this they use religious concepts. In Russia especially, during the atheistic period that lasted for 70 years, they tried to erase the word “God” from everyone’s mind. Today we need to talk about what we can do to save the world. The origins of terrorism do not lie in religions but in materialist philosophy, the theory of evolution more than anything. First of all I want to congratulate the TSRF for its contribution. A professor from Cambridge University has said the following; “If this theory were widespread around the world then people would turn into animals and very dreadful events would take place on Earth”. I think we are now living through those days. We should not talk about the differences between ourselves, instead we should talk about common values and cooperate to make the world a religious place.

GEORGES MAROVITCH (Istanbul Representative of the Vatican Embassy)

We are all brothers in God. I congratulate the worthy Adnan Oktar and all the members of the foundation for this and wish to thank you. God is pleased with you. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not terrorism. Terrorism is Satan. As our Muslim brothers say, we can find a solution by “holding tightly to the rope of God” but we should hang on very tightly and not let it go. Since we have not implemented these holy words, terrorism can be seen all around the world. If we read our scriptures and follow them then the solution comes after. The TSRF publishes books and produces CDs; this is not easy. They make many sacrifices and I would like to tell them to keep up the good work. You can be sure that God is watching us, and I hope we will attain God’s never-ending happiness together.

TIMOFHY ZHIVATOV (Patriarch of St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church)

With this meeting we are close to the second coming of the Messiah. Your country is becoming the center of the world. Representatives from different religions find common points of agreement in Turkey. They feel the love here. The real cause of terrorism arises from the inaccurate analysis of human life. Man is a part of the spirit of God. If we regard a person from this perspective we cannot raise our hands against anyone. One of the most important theses that we should put forward against religious extremism is recognizing the faith in the representatives of other religions. If we appraise each other in this way then we shall attain a very different perspective. We can only see Jesus in this way in the End Days. This conference has prepared a very good basis for this; it prepares the second coming of Jesus.

FATHER TEODOZY (Patriarch of St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church)

The happenings worldwide will inevitably lead people to cooperate. People realize every single day that this threat of terrorism cannot be solved by political or military means. There is only one power that can solve it, and that is God. God could prevent all this, but does not. Why? We should realize the reasons behind this, and if we cannot then our faith is weak. What we should do is to start a great moral struggle against Satan. This important mission is first given to religious figures. In order to lead people away from materialism and towards morality, from Darwin’s theory to creation, we must first cooperate with each other. God has created these three religions as different means. But there is only one way that leads us to God. We should open our hearts to God, to our brothers. I want to thank the TSRF and Harun Yahya for initiating a very important movement. We pray to God that it go from strength to strength.

AMJAD MAJID ABBASI (Pakistanian Embassy, Deputy Head of Mission)

First we should realize that it is very wrong to equate terrorism and violence with a divine religion. Because Islam means peace. Such brutal actions are the crime of the person who commits them, and this cannot be attributed to religion. Islam aims to win hearts and develop them morally. In one verse of the Qur’an it is stated that killing innocent people is like killing all humanity, and saving the life of one person is like saving the lives of all people. For this reason winning the hearts of people is the first way to prevent the events that in turn lead to terrorism.

ALTUG M. BERKER (President, Preserving National Values Foundation)

We believe that solving the terrorism problem lies in an intellectual struggle against the ideologies that feed terrorism. For this reason we should determine the real origin of terrorism and wage that struggle accordingly. The real origin of terrorism is the Social Darwinism that ascribes to human beings social animal status and that eliminates conscience and human feelings. We believe in and love, without any discrimination, all the religions and the prophets Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), Jesus (peace be upon him), Moses (peace be upon him) and all the other prophets. As people who believe in God, we believers in the religions brought by these blessed prophets and the civilizations that they gave birth to should unite in one word, in the existence of God against harmful movements that conflict with the ethics of religion. The terrorism, wars and enmity that surround us can only be eradicated in this way.