Founded in 1990, the Technics & Science Research Foundation has organized more than 2500 public conferences throughout Turkey.

We address presidents, ministers, members of the parliament and the Turkish Armed Forces as well as civilian authorities, politicians, writers, NGO leaders and intellectuals from a variety of different positions and views in the national conferences and events we organize.

The Technics & Science Research Foundation constitutes a common ground for circles that wish the progress and development of Turkey and to make our country a symbol of peace and stability in our part of the world. Despite its activities in Turkey, the TSRF makes an international impact on academics, clergy, opinion leaders abroad and members of foreign missions in the country.

A total of over 1000 conferences and seminars have been organized in many countries abroad including the USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Kazakhstan.

Some of these intellectual efforts were carried out in respectable academic institutions such as the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and others in Tokyo, Tel Aviv and Indonesia.

Eminent academicians from various research centers in the United States such as the Institute of Creation Research as well as the Reasons to Believe have participated in the international conferences organized by the TSRF in Turkey. This was an opportunity for us to collaborate in intellectual and scientific grounds and to give extensive insight on our activities.

Hundreds and thousands of people have attended the conferences and seminars, as well as fairs and exhibitions the TSRF has organized and been enlightened with its peaceful message.


The Origins of Life and the Universe

The 2nd International Conference on The Origin of Life and The Universe held on May 2017, at the Istanbul Ritz-Carlton Hotel
The 1st International Conference on The Origin of Life and The Universe held on August 2016, at the Conrad Bosphorus Istanbul

Past Events

national & international conferences, seminars, fossil exhibitions and more...