Our Statement


The views of
Technics & Science Research Foundation and its activities can be outlined as follows...


Members of the Technics & Science Research Foundation are committed to their moral values and religious beliefs.

Yet they believe that these concepts have to be perceived in line with the basic values of the contemporary world, such as democracy and modernity. The SRF publishes periodicals stressing this subject.


The scientific works of the Technics & Science Research Foundation concentrate particularly on the origin of the universe, living things and mankind.

The TSRF emphasizes that 19th century positivism, rejecting religious beliefs and basing science on atheism, is flawed, and defends instead the "intelligent design" view of the origin of living things and mankind, a stance which has its roots in contemporary scientific findings. So far, the TSRF has organized 1500 scientific conferences in different cities in Turkey. It has also held 3 international conferences and many scientific exhibitions on the same subject in various regions of Turkey. All these services were provided free of charge.


The TSRF works for an improved and enlightened Turkey.

The TSRF encourages Turkey to persist humane relations with all European Union countries and to cooperate in social, cultural and scientific efforts to full extent. Our Foundation particularly makes an emphasis on joint organizations to underline the significance attached to arts and music and freedoms for women. The TSRF has organized many conferences with this objective.


The TSRF attaches great importance to the unitary structure and territorial integrity of Turkey.

The Technics & Science Research Foundation adopts a moderate interpretation of nationalism and embraces all citizens of the Republic of Turkey regardless of ethnicity or religion. We argue that the non-Muslim minorities in our country (such as the Greeks, Armenians and Jews) are also entitled with full citizenship of Turkey. They have always been welcome wholeheartedly in our country to live together in harmony with the Muslim Turkish citizens.


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, sets an example for the members of the Technics & Science Research Foundation.

The Foundation members all adopt his principles. The major characteristic of the TSRF's understanding of Atatürk is that he is regarded as a leader who adopted modernism, as well as religiosity. Being a devout individual who strongly wanted to see superstitions removed from Islam, Atatürk strived for our religion to be practiced correctly in line with the Qur’an.

In brief

The TSRF is an intellectual society made up of people who truly believe in scientific truths and moral values, and who assume the responsibility of explaining these to the society. More than 1500 public conferences, dozens of scientific public exhibitions and tens of thousands of books and booklets distributed by the TSRF explicitly reveal the idealist and self-sacrificing nature of the Foundation...

Importance of

Democracy is crucial because...

Democracy, in its real sense, is a regime that allows the expression and co-existence of differences.

The importance
TSRF attaches to DEMOCRACY

The TSRF supports a democratic society in which mutual respect and tolerance prevail, and problems are solved through dialogue.

Democracy, in its real sense, is a regime that allows the expression and co-existence of differences. It guarantees human rights and freedoms, and creates an environment where everybody can freely express his own identity and opinions. Above all these, democracy aims to have an environment in which everyone can lead his life according to his own beliefs and values, as long as he does not interfere with the rights and freedom of others.